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Trading psychology hardly even begins to describe what we do. Mind Muscles makes you more effective by building new productive behaviors quickly. We work with firms in the financial and trading industry along with independent traders, money managers and business leaders who know that a lot is riding on their decision process and their psychology of trading.

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Our clients come to us because they understand that their decision process drives everything else. Our clients are willing to look at this most critical aspect of their success and expand their decision process and behaviors in ways that feel better and get them to their goals.


We promise the most direct route to getting the trading, business and personal results you desire. We can make this promise because we tailor each Mind Muscle to a specific need and use targeted simulations to create fast effective positive change. These changes both feel better in the moment and accomplish your goals.


Most importantly, as we build our Mind Muscles we see significant real world results…more consistent profits, more effective teamwork, faster business development and more satisfying personal growth.


Call Richard Friesen at Mind Muscles to  get answers to your questions, get a feel for how we work and see if it makes sense for you or your organization to learn how to do business with us.

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If you want to learn more before calling or emailing me, read “Get the Basics” or read more testimonials from Professional Traders, Money Managers, and Business LeadersPresentations and Consulting.


“I am happy to let you know about the experience we had with Rich Friesen over the last 2 days here at our wealth management firm. The depth and extent of our time together far exceeded our expectations. We are excited about the work we did together and we look forward to our continuing relationship with Rich. He was a great catalyst for getting us to discover and explore the deepest issues we were facing. He also was great at helping us boil that down to action items so that we follow through on the value we created.


Partner, Investment Fund

Detroit, MI