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Mind Muscles™ for Traders - Build your Brain for Market Gain

floor traders

Mind Muscles™ makes you more effective by building new productive behaviors quickly. We work with firms in the financial and trading industry as well as independent traders and money managers. Our clients come to us because...  MORE >

Success Stories

Johanna Baars - student from St. Matre, France

Johanna Baars, France

"This course has also affected all aspects of my life. I am making more money with my yoga job, i am more organised and am making clearer decisions. Everything in my life is actually moving, flowing much better than before.  MORE >

Science of Success

Creating new life choices - The neuroscience of change

Using neuroscience to get what you want

How do we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? How does self-discipline fail to support the results we hunger for? How do we create new choices and behaviors that feel better, support our values and get us to our goals? MORE >

Want to progress in your career and personal life? Want to get unstuck?

  • Do you find that your dreams seem more and more elusive?
  • Do you repeat the same old behaviors that no longer serve you?
  • Do you make New Year's resolutions, only to break them again and again?
  • Are you frustrated with reactions you have that you can't seem to regulate?

What if you've been fighting your brain?  

What if your current sabotage and reactions were left over neural programming?  

What if you understood how your brain works so you could use the most powerful machine in the world - the one between your ears!  

At the Mind Muscles™ Academy we teach you to work WITH your brain to create new intentional behaviors that serve you better. We teach you how to make new neural connections that create new behaviors that feel better, support your values and get you to your goals.