The Mind Muscles™ Team

Britt Arechiga

Britt Arechiga

Britt Arechiga brings eLearning expertise to the team. She builds and molds lessons into the electronic format that you interact with when you access the online Mind Muscles™ Academy lessons. Britt has over twelve years of technology-based instructional systems design and workplace learning and development experience. She has a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology and has designed training for international corporations, government entities and private industries.

With several journal article publications on new technologies for the Navy, Britt is a self-educated tech geek who taught herself HTML, JavaScript and PHP for fun while attending graduate school. Not merely a tech nerd, she also has many internationally published articles on being an expat (she has lived in five countries) and speaks three languages.

Britt is passionate about experiential eLearning that challenges learners. Her design philosophy is based in psychological theory, so that courses bring results and don’t just present information. She understands that people learn by doing and practice, and that learners need a place to test out new skills, and to sometimes fail, in order to change behavior.

Ms. Arechiga is based in both the US and in Europe, and can be reached at and on the web at

Mark Seflin

Mark Seflin

Mark Seflin brings over 30 years of experience in the mental health field. Thousands of hours of personal introspection (meaning lots of personal psychotherapy). A personal journey related to the fundamental knowledge regarding “Existence”, “Consciousness”.

Mark holds two degrees (B.A., in Humanistic Psychology, and M.A. in Marriage, Family, & Child Therapy). He has started six different business, and currently is offering Life Coaching services online. He received a Watershipmen Award, in the Advanced L.A. County Scuba Diving Program. He acqired a private pilots licence, with an add on for gliders. He clerked for a market maker at the C.B.O.E., in the OEX options pit. Trained with George Lane, the creator of the Stochastics Indicator.

Mark has studied the Hindu Vadanta and Upanshads teachings and identifies the following book titled “The Book, on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are.”, by Allen Watts, as the “readers digest version of the Hindu thinking, for westerners.

His vision is a “World That Works for Everyone (all life)”. He also has two sub-visions which are to reduce the percentage of divorces, from 50% to 10%, in the USA. The other is increasing the percentage of people who succeed in the trading industry, from 10% to 50%. His life mission this to wake up the “many” in remembering they are the “one”.

Mark resides in Long Beach, CA with his best friend/wife. He can be reached at or, or skype: makusan2

Glenn Tighe

Glenn Tighe

Glenn brings the ability to scope, design and coordinate the development of trading tools, techniques and materials that support and enrich the experience of MMA members. Glenn has personally traded many different styles of trading and investing, and many different tradeable markets around the world.

Glenn brings insight and understanding of the needs, wants and desires of traders. His professional MBA business background complements his trading experience to ensure that MMA members receive powerful tools that support the core MMA education, and propel them to their goal of being a consistently profitable trader.

In the last ten years Glenn has traded both personally and professionally, and conducted live and online financial markets training for two Australian based companies. He personally traded equities, options and futures instruments associated with Australian, European and United States markets. In addition, he also traded foreign exchange for a boutique hedge fund and set up an online FX Swing Trading room.

Trading can be one of the most challenging endeavors a person can undertake, which is why Glenn’s goal is to provide MMA members with tools, techniques and materials that have the flexibility to fit who they are as traders and individuals, and to streamline their learning, planning and actual live trading experience.

Glenn is located in Brisbane, Australia and can be contacted at:, or +61 408 330 299.

Daniel Csavossy

Daniel Csavossy

Daniel Csavossy

Danny brings strategic thinking, system design abilities, detailed analysis of our products and an endless stream of new ideas. Danny is an inner game maven.

Trained as a physiotherapist and fitness trainer, there is no stone unturned for him regarding the physical aspects of a trader’s preparation. If top-athletes need the best preparation available (physical and mental) why would be any different for an equally tough competition, like trading? Someone said once that trading is like starting a boxing career with the difference that in your very first match you will meet the world champion.

With more than 10 years of dealing in stocks and real estate, his focus is now on intra-day trading. He is passionate about technical analysis, and knowledgeable of all it’s fields. He is an expert Elliottician, with hands-on experience in stocks, indices and forex. Danny considers successful trading as a well tuned combination of classical TA, modern TA, strategic thinking, awareness and self-control along with good money management.

He considers that trading should help people get what they want in life, not become their life. Thus working with MMA should be a key component in leveling a trader’s path towards a sustainable trading career.

Danny is based in Europe and can be reached at

Michael Filighera

Michael Filighera

Michael Filighera

Michael brings real time trading experience to the Mind Muscles™ Academy. He is the first “guinea pig” that tests new lessons and services. He has an uncanny ability to both trade, be self-aware AND give us a stream of feedback as he tests and refines our products.

Michael brings international trading experience to the Academy. Michael started trading in 1979 on the Pacific Stock Exchange Options trading floor. His trading then evolved to the international arena. In addition to his U.S. trading, he has traded in the U.K. (London Traded Options Market), Netherlands (Amsterdam’s European Options Exchange), and Germany’s (DTB).

Michael is an internationally published analyst of technical analysis (,,, European Traders Daily, and the Global Market Strategist, covering the major indices, bonds, currencies, and commodities of Europe and the U.S.

Currently, His approach to the markets is being in the “eye of a storm.” This is the center where there is calm. In the midst of the many economic storms currently swirling around the globe, making decisions is often swayed by crowd behavior or panic as prices race in both directions. Opportunities present themselves during chaotic, panic driven times. Trading opportunities often missed due to all the “noise”.

As a Market Maker on the San Francisco, Amsterdam, and London options trading floors, he has studied the psychology both employed and self-employed by the most successful traders. Most if not all-successful traders have the ability to stand within the chaos and pull out opportunities without succumbing to the panic itself.

Mr. Filighera is based in San Francisco and continues to analyze, trade, and research the markets. He can be reached at

Carlo Contino

Carl Contino

As a web developer and online business coach, Carl Contino offers a one-of-a-kind approach to “co-creating” your site, ebooks, online courses and more in real time using screen sharing. You get to provide live feedback and ideas as you watch him put the pieces together before your very eyes! 

As a personal growth teacher and coach, born from his own struggles with “brain glitches, hiccups, and snaffoos,” Carl offers a universal approach to creating “movement” in all and any areas of your life by adapting principles borrowed from the natural world, science, and music. He calls it Life as a Wave and is in the midst of creating a variety of online courses, a membership-based site called Untapped Genius, and Coach on Demand, a mobile app to help folks connect and support one another.

As a web developer, Carl has thoroughly enjoyed working with successful entrepreneurs including Richard Friesen here at Mind Muscles™ Academy, Robert Middleton of, and many many others. As a life coach, he’s had the honor and privilege of working with folks from all walks of life, from the homeless to the super-successful including an Emmy-award-winning film producer in Los Angeles. He especially enjoys working with teens and young adults who he finds are naturally filled with energy, passion, vitality, and a thirst for learning.

Carl has a strong conviction that within every one of us lies “untapped genius” – built-in abilities of the mind and body – that, when allowed to surface, can help improve your energy, creativity, clear thinking, peace of mind, and flow in your everyday existence. He believes that “everything begins and ends with the mind” and that the ability to “step outside the effects of one’s own mind” – the unnecessary obstacles, mis-perceptions, judgments, and assumptions we all carry with us – is fundamental to living the life we seek.

To learn more about how Carl can help with your website, ebooks, online courses, mobile apps and more, visit Packaging Your Passion. Check out his up-and-coming Life as a Wave site to learn more about Carl’s approach to personal growth. He can be reached at or 716-464-8972.