Course Experience

All our courses are designed with how your brain works! This means you have the opportunity to experience steady progress towards your goals.

Each course gives you three distinct course experiences that will feel good as your measure your progress:


Enlighten your brain

First we provide the foundation for specific behavioral changes that you want. This can include assessments, stories and neuroscience. The goal of this section is to understand the REAL issues we face, not just the symptoms that we try to fix over and over again. By re-framing the problem that is closer to how our brain actually works, we now have the opportunity to build on this foundation for positive change.


Simulation to build your Mind Muscles

In this section we give you homework, exercises and simulations that allow you to experience the new Mind Muscles™, behaviors and decision processes that you have always wanted. In this section you will feel these new experiences for real, in the moment. Once you are aware of a new behavior that feels better, supports your values and gets you to your goals, you can go to the next step of “locking it in.”


This is the part where you take your new behaviors into your world. Here is where you notice how much your life is changing as you expand the new behaviors, beliefs and skills that serve you better.