Do you want to expand your talents to reach more people and leverage your wisdom?

The Mind Muscles™ Academy was created for instructors that have a specific skills they want to teach that have a significant psychological component.

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We provide the support you need to take the skill and wisdom you have honed over the years and turn it into a positive experience for your students that produces significant changes in their lives.
We will give you marketing and operations support that leaves you free to do what you do best!
We are looking for instructors who have a high degree of awareness around the mechanisms your clients and students use to both sabotage their success and create a climate for success.
If you are an expert in any of the following areas, and would like to engage more students, create more revenues and deliver more value to more people, please call and arrange an interview.

Finance & Career

​Career Success
​Behavioral Finance
​Money, Wealth and Abundance

Issues & Excellence

Sports Psychology
​Charitable, Non-Profit
Personal Transformation
Music and Arts

Connection & Community

Child Rearing
Family Life

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