How to get Support

To open a support ticket, please send an email detailing your issue to Alternatively, you can click the Support tab at the bottom left of this page to submit a ticket, or visit our support desk here.

Contact the webmaster

For issues concerning the websites, such as missing items, broken images, broken links, error messages, etc., please send an email detailing the problem to  ​You can also click on the Support tab at bottom left on this page, and (if you have Javascript enabled for this site in your browser) a box will pop up which allows you to submit your ticket right here. See image below.

Stuck on a lesson?

You may have problems, questions or issues with a particular lesson or Mind Muscles Exercise. Please email

Motivation issue, resistance to exercises or discomfort with experience

  • Please email or 
  • Call Rich at 415.488.6505 or
  • Set up a 30 minute call at the online calendar.