Alpha Presence

Your Ideas Can Change the World.

Alpha Presence - The Power to Communicate

Your ideas matter…

but only if you can communicate them clearly and powerfully.

Alpha Presence training gives you the power to communicate with individuals, groups and large audiences.

You are about to be introduced to a large audience. When you step up to the stage, you look at the audience, your mouth goes dry, your hands shake and your voice comes out in a squeak. Your first word is "uh….."

In a few hours, this will change.

Not a small change, but a radical change. You will take a moment before you even speak, look into the eyes of the audience feeling comfortable and confident. Your voice will communicate the confidence you feel. The audience will be enraptured by the connection they feel and the words you say.

Impossible? Rich Friesen has brought this vision to life for dozens of people who are out to make a difference, not just a little difference, but a big difference.

What would it feel like to be powerful on stage? You will experience a set of group exercises that short circuit your current struggles and release self-limiting habits. You will never need to search for the next thing to say.

Up your skills to make the world better. If you are running for political office, managing a campaign, or working with a non-profit or advocacy group, this training will leverage your skills and abilities to impact your community. 

When you step in front of an audience, you will lose:

  • Pubic speaking anxiety
  • Discomfort
  • Physical reactions
  • Fear
  • Loss of words
  • Using filler words like “um” and “ah”

With an audience, you will:

  • Gain instant rapport with an audience
  • Make a powerful first impression
  • Engage a technique to “light up” a distracted audience
  • Never use “um or ah” again
  • Replace physical symptoms of anxiety with excitement
  • Learn the only two parts of a speech to memorize
  • Practice responding to aggressive questions and comments
  • Gain the skill of speaking extemporaneously

With personal conversations, you will:

  • Practice “active listening”
  • How to say yes and reframe
  • Use the power of “key words”
  • Expand your rapport by “mirroring”
  • Develop “improv” skills to gain support

You will clarify and add “Punch” to your policy positions:

  • Access to our “Policy Template”
  • Reframe policy issues that connect to a wider range of political voters
  • Create or refine your political brand
  • Contribute your ideas and get great ideas from our support group
  • Debate techniques that create instant respect
Photo of Richard Friesen, Founder and CEO of the Mind Muscles Academy

Host: Richard Friesen 

Founder of the Mind Muscles Academy Learn more about Rich here.

This in-person training also includes an online course that you can share with others at no charge as you continue your progress.

Interested in participating?

The next event is scheduled for April 20, 2024.

We have completed the winter quarter session and start enrollment in the Spring quarter in April. Sign up here if interested. Schedule a time with Rich here

If you're interested in either the in person or online meetings starting Feb 22, 2024 please fill in the form below and I will follow up with the details.

Previous Workshops:

January 2024 - 3 Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM  

  • Session #1: Connect and create a positive emotional response
  • Session #2: Deliver your content so it can be heard.
  • Session #3: Deal with controversy by reframing the issues

Where: Fremont, CA

Alpha Presence

Your ideas can change the world!