Journey to 

Alpha Presence by Richard Friesen of Mind Muscles
  • Do you get stage fright? 
  • Does the thought of public speaking tie your stomach in knots?
  • Do you lack confidence, stammer or freeze up when the focus is on you?
  • Do you struggle initiating new friendships or romantic relationships?
  • Have you let opportunities pass you by due to lack of self-confidence?
  • Have you lost friends through arguments over passionately held beliefs?

You can change all this with a radical new neuroscience based solution.

  • Imagine if you felt relaxed, at ease and confident in any social group or relationship. 
  • Imagine if you didn’t need to prove yourself, no longer felt defensive or competitive with those around you.

We can help.

The Journey to Alpha Presence is a radical new training based on a live, in person course I developed over a decade ago, now finally available online.

This course is for everyone who has ever wished they were much better at leadership, communication, interaction and relationships - really connecting - with other people.

Lead all your interactions with ease and grace:

  • with an audience
  • with peers
  • with work colleagues
  • with customers
  • with romantic partners
  • with employees
  • with your boss
  • with your bank manager
  • with donors
  • with your constituents.

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of Alpha Presence

*You may add up to 8 course partners at no extra charge. Details inside the course dashboard.

Is Alpha Presence a good fit for you?

You are here because you want to engage others in your ideas, your vision, and your dreams.

You want to build your business, heal your personal relationships, vastly improve your life. 

Old barriers are no longer relevant. Your world has changed, and you want to change it more. It is time to begin your own Journey to Alpha Presence.

How can Alpha Presence change your life?

As you travel down the path to Alpha Presence you will become aware of a number of changes:

  • When conversing, time will slow down.
  • Interactions with others will be nourishing, not exhausting.
  • You will find the right thing to say without anxiety.
  • Internal judgments about others will no longer stand in the way of giving them a space to contribute to your dream.
  • Public speaking will become as easy as a conversation with one person, only more exhilarating.
  • Others will catch your passion easily.
  • Potentially hostile conversations will become a source of fascination, not dread.
  • Your intuition will blossom real-time, while in conversation.
  • You will be able to change the mood of an entire room, simply by entering it.

Ultimately, and this is where the real treasure is, you will be able to access the creative genius of work and family relationships through your own personal presence.

What happens in the course?

We all have social anxiety.

From decades of experience as coach to financial professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders and others, I have discovered that even successful executives experience social anxiety in certain situations and at certain times.

Inside the course, we invite you to re-orient your brain with a set of exercises that isolates the six core “Mind Muscles” of financial performance. To clear a space for your new talents, you will learn to disconnect it from the current spaghetti wiring in your brain that no longer serves you.

Start your journey without conflicts.

The exercises outlined in this section are designed to short-circuit your current thinking process so you aren’t competing against years of self-limiting habits.

As long as your existing stories, agendas, arguments, information, and preferences dominate, you will resist changing the behaviors that have protected you over the years. 

To bypass this challenge, the Alpha Presence process quickly and easily establishes a fresh new playing field where you can engage other people and start to have some real fun.

You'll easily absorb your progress.

Alpha Presence is simply your ability to increase the size of your relationship "straw".

When you're with others, either individually in small groups, or even in front of large audiences, you're able to be fully present and feel the satisfaction and nourishment of that relationship in the moment.

You will invite trust and engagement.

Over the years, I've been training executives to come to that state of Alpha Presence because it's so critical to their leadership ability.

When in the Alpha Presence state, these leaders are able to inspire comfort and confidence and invite trust and engagement.

How do we help you do this?

We help you experience Alpha Presence one step at a time. We have a series of exercises that incrementally, one step at a time, take you through a set of experiences that allows you to comfortably and safely increase the size of your relationship "straw", and leadership abilities.

These exercises are just for you.

With a partner, or even just a mirror, you can experience these exercises in the privacy of your own home. With a series of guided visualizations and exercises, you recreate the social situations that in the past have been challenging.

Your Alpha Journey can change your life trajectory.

What personal mindset could change the trajectory of your life?

  • Step into confidence. You may want to be able to leave the house in the morning without fear and with confidence.
  • Accept leadership roles. You may want to be able to accept a promotion and all the social and professional relationships that entail.
  • Enjoy the freedom of independence. You may want to be able to move out on your own and become psychologically and financially independent.

You fully relate to others.

You may want to see improvements in how you relate to others, such as:

  • More pleasure and enjoyment in meeting new people
  • Feeling competent and confident while running professional meetings or even speaking to large audiences
  • Feel comfortable talking to authority figures
  • Eager to initiate phone calls and emails.
  • Enjoy the adventure of dating.

Alpha Presence makes relationships safe.

Alpha Presence is simply about making all types of human relationships safe. We want you to increase the size of your own relationship straw so that when you're with others, you can feel the nourishment and experience it fully and feel the joy of that relationship in the moment.

Carry that confident feeling with you. Take the experience and satisfaction of having a successful relationship encounter with you as you enter the next conversation.


Harry was a fast-track manager who wanted to eventually run his own company.

But...he never felt comfortable with groups and in conversations. With so much at stake at every meeting, he put most of his vital energy into calculating every sentence and second-guessing his every move.

Though no one ever told him he was doing anything less than his usual good job, his colleagues were aware that his words came out in nervous bursts.

Harry expected to be unmasked as an imposter at any moment because of what he believed about himself.

In reality, Harry worked hard and was smart enough to get the job done, but he wasn't much fun to be around. He didn't always bring out the best in others and he wasn't in line for a promotion any time soon.

Harry put off critical conversations as long as he could. He often had a nagging feeling that he was hiding something even from himself. He counted on others to say what needed to be said.

He had extra trepidation when addressing groups, even small ones. His mouth went dry; his heart pounded. Luckily, he was skilled at covering up his anxiety so no one suspected.

Or did they? Can you relate to Harry at this stage of his journey?

Then Harry took his own journey to Alpha Presence, and everything changed:

  • Now, when Harry has a meeting, he doesn’t feel compelled to prepare for hours.
  • People enjoy him, admire him, feel affection toward him, and consider him one of the most authentic people they know.
  • They trust him and love being around him. When he is in a room, laughter resounds.
  • His life as a manager is playful and free of tension.
  • He expects to get his way - or - to change his mind, and is happy for either to happen as reality dictates.
  • He thoroughly enjoys interactions one-on-one and in groups.
  • He is comfortable thinking on his feet and is now at his most creative in relationships and in front of groups of all sizes.
  • He brings out the best in others by drawing out their intelligence and resourcefulness. In fact, around him, most people are more clear, capable, and willing to tell him the truth.
  • More precisely, there is something about Harry’s presence that allows the genius of his relationships to emerge.
  • Now, when he and his team engage problems, solutions arise that no one person could have created alone.
  • He loves his work and is a rising star in the company. His personal presence is driving an expanded financial performance.

Step into Alpha Presence.

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of Alpha Presence for 2024.

How? You can add up to 8 course partners at no extra charge. 

Details inside the course. 

Richard Friesen, founder of the Mind Muscles Academy

Hi, I'm Richard Friesen, founder of the Mind Muscles Academy.

I work with professionals, business leaders, traders, and ANYONE who wants to increase their personal wealth and effectiveness with joy and grace. 

My neuroscience-based Mind Muscles™ model gives my students and clients the opportunity to reach their goals with online training, simulations, interactive exercises, group support, and real-time decision processes.

I have been a futures broker for Merrill Lynch, a floor trader on the CME, CBOT, and the options floor of the Pacific Exchange where I built and sold a successful options trading firm, and served on the Exchange's board of directors. 

This combined with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programing Master’s certification, and neuroscience focus, brings a unique framework to business, investing, career and financial success.