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but only if you can communicate them clearly and powerfully.

Who is this for?

If you are running for political office, managing a campaign, or working with a non-profit or political advocacy group, this group and the associated trainings and content will up your skills and leverage your ability to impact your community and make the world better. 

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When do we meet?

We will be meeting on Thursday afternoons at 4:00 PM PT on Zoom. The sessions will start on April 4th, 2024. Please mark your calendars as a repeated event. 

The advantage of Zoom meetings is we can expand our membership to the world!

This will be a drop-in group focused on your needs. The emphasis in this group will be politics, content, language, communication and delivery. As needed, we can also do "hot seat" work where one member brings up a specific issue that we drill down on.

You will have personal support. I will create an agenda for each meeting to get us started then we will rock and roll with whatever comes up.

Policy power. You will have access to an online document format that will support your agenda positions by issue. This will be expanded and shared.

Contribute and create! This will be a safe space for you to contribute your ideas, have creative conversations, live, and learn as you dive deeper with your fellow members.

Example Worksheets

You will clarify and add "PUNCH" to your policy positions

* Access our Policy Template

* Reframe policy issues that connect to wider range of political voters 

* Create or refine your political brand

* Contribute your ideas and get great ideas from our support group

* Learn debate techniques that command instant respect

When talking with potential voters you will...

* Match your messaging to their priorities

* Practice "active listening" 

* Learn to use the power of "key words"

* Learn how to say yes, and reframe

* Expand your rapport by "mirroring"

* Learn debate techniques that command instant respect

Is there a fee?

There will be a one-time registration fee (TBD) for our current members, and a fee for newcomers. I welcome new members who are candidates, advocates, or policy analysts...or just someone who cares about making our world a better place. If you want further information please contact Rich at 

Photo of Richard Friesen, Founder and CEO of the Mind Muscles Academy

Host: Richard Friesen 

Founder of the Mind Muscles Academy Learn more about Rich here.

* Registration also gives you access to the Alpha Presence online course.

Alpha Politics

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