Your Ideas Can Change the World.

Alpha Presence - The Power to Communicate.

Your ideas matter…but only if you can communicate them clearly and powerfully.

Alpha Presence training gives you the power to communicate with individuals, groups and large audiences.

You are about to be introduced to a large audience. When you step up to the stage, you look at the audience, your mouth goes dry, your hands shake and your voice comes out in a squeak. Your first word is uh…..

In a few hours, this will change.

Not a small change, but a radical change. You will take a moment before you even speak, look into the eyes of the audience feeling comfortable and confident. Your voice will communicate the confidence you feel. The audience will be enraptured by the connection they feel and the words you say.

Impossible? Rich Friesen has brought this vision to life for dozens of people who are out to make a difference, not just a little difference, but a big difference.

What would it feel like to be powerful on stage? You will experience a set of group exercises that short circuit your current struggles and release self-limiting habits. You will never need to search for the next thing to say.

If you are running for political office, managing a campaign, or working with a non-profit or online group, this training will leverage your skills and abilities to impact your community. 

You will learn:

  1. How to walk to the microphone
  2. Make a powerful first impression
  3. The “magic mantra” that you will say to yourself with each thought
  4. How to “light up” an audience
  5. How to manage distractions
  6. How to create “intimacy” with a large group
  7. Never use “um or ah” again
  8. Have the audience pay rapt attention
  9. The structure of a speech that the human brain can hear
  10. Replace physical symptoms of anxiety with excitement
  11. How NOT to memorize your speech
  12. Words that connect
  13. How to prepare the room and public address
  14. Microphone etiquette
  15. Practice speaking to members of the "other" party
  16. Practice responding to aggressive people
  17. Understand the fears and hopes of your audience to turn non-supporters into supporters

This in-person training also includes an online course that you can share with others and practice you progress.


3 Saturdays or Sundays (to be determined) from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM for in-person training in San Jose, CA


  • January 13 or 14
  • January 20 or 21
  • January 27 or 28

Meet new friends, and connect with other good-hearted people. And…communicate a message that will change the world for the better.

This next session is customized for politicians running for office who want to stand out, be powerful, and step into their own “Alpha Presence”.

Give me your name and contact info here, and I will contact you with a conversation to see if this is a fit. There is a nominal fee to defray expenses, so finances will not be a problem.

What can you expect from Alpha Presence training? 

Using proprietary tools and techniques, Alpha Presence approaches all of your uncomfortable social interactions with solutions, by resolving core issues. 

By enrolling in Alpha Presence you'll learn to

Identify Roadblocks

You'll have a set of clear exercises and frameworks to move to real time awareness of your internal mindset and processes during any interaction.

Reframe Your Issues

Neuroscience tells us our brains deliver twice as much pain for a given loss in comparison to the amount of pleasure we receive from a gain of the same size. You'll learn to use what you can change to create an edge.

Build a Winning Routine

Learn to reduce the impact of social variables by creating routines that handle all the variables from a stable mindset.

Clarify Your Goals

Work from a platform of understanding hard-wired brain processes that don't serve your success, in order to improve social behaviors and clarify your goals.

Measure what Matters

Learn to focus on what really matters and measure your efforts towards success. Identify critical areas that need more attention so that you can focus your creativity on the changes that will get the best results.

Celebrate Your Wins

Be sure to give credit where it's due. You will travel a long way from where you started, appreciate the progress you've made. Don't compare yourself to other people, everyone's path is different.

The concepts Alpha Presence teaches can change your life.

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