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"Excellent book and very enjoyable read. I am not an avid reader and generally struggle with reading a book and usually have to push myself to get to the end. But the deeper I got into “A Private Conversation with Money”, the more engaged I became, and I found it a real pleasure to read to the end. It was extremely thought provoking and really caused me to see things from a different perspective."


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"The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of our financial success is between our ears - our own mindset. Richard Friesen took me along a narrated journey of self-discovery, using the story of “Joe” to parallel my own money paths. Through Joe’s eyes, I am able to relate to the various lessons told, whether the thoughts were passed on from my parents or incubated in my own mind. By the end of the book, I was not only observing the transformation of the character but experiencing my own revelations about money as well."


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"Highly recommended. This book is for someone who's serious about improving their relationship with money, written by someone who's accomplished in their field (i.e. has already made money), and by someone who's helped other people make money (employees and clients). It's rare that someone can 'do' and also 'teach.'
Inspired idea. Top shelf presentation.
Not a quick fix. Requires work. Tremendous value. And again, highly recommended."



A Private Conversation with Money

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The Characters

  • Joe Everie is a man with a single, modest goal in life: to be remarkably, lavishly, and scandalously rich. There's just one small problem... how do you make money when you're being pursued by the local mob, the city guards, and a jilted fiancée?
  • Julie Brubaker is a woman who hates the term jilted. Or scorned. Or rejected. As far as Eleanor is concerned, a promise is a promise, and she intends to collect on hers with interest!
  • Money runs a family-owned business with a wide range of income streams: gambling, "protection", bribery, blackmail, violence, and a little light relocation of pre-owned property. But Yuriy will do anything for his only daughter... and if she wants a wedding, that's exactly what she'll get.

The Plot

  • They say crime doesn't pay. Well, it seems no one told Yuriy, the city's most infamous crime boss, who has promised to fund his only daughter's wedding to the tune of a hundred thousand gold crowns.
  • They say money can't buy you everything. Which Yuriy is starting to suspect contains a grain of truth. Money, it seems, can't buy a suitable groom. Which is kind of an essential element for any wedding.
  • They say violence never solved anything. Now this one is just plain incorrect. Yuriy never met a problem that couldn't be solved with a blunt object and some encouraging words.
  • A heartwarming story about family, love, commitment, and (un)organized crime.

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What they say

Opened My Eyes to My Subconscious Beliefs About Money. The book is a relatively easy read, but packed full of techniques to tease out one's subconscious/hidden beliefs about money. The "Three Chairs Exercise" really helped me uncover some self-limiting beliefs about money I was unknowingly harboring. There are various exercises in the book (e.g., uncover your subconscious beliefs about money, assess your physical reaction to money, be aware of your thoughts about money, be cognizant of the language we use when speaking about money/wealth, etc.); I encourage all readers to take the time and make the effort in doing the exercises. This book has helped me change my relationship with money and investing."

-Miko Lau

" An enjoyable, practical, and profitable confrontation with my beliefs about money.

When I first read through this book, I thought it was a clever way to investigate and understand how I thought about money, especially how my orientation towards money was either helping me or hindering me from making it. But when I invested the time to actually DO the exercises in the book, it gave me a deeper relationship not just with money, but with how I prioritize my values across my life. How I think about and invest and utilize money, it turns out, is just a proxy for how much permission I give myself to fully live my life according to my own conscience. A profound and practical book.

-Mark Michael Lewis