Podcasts, Webinars and Interviews

Healing the Wounds Summit
Rich presents Conversations with Money-From Struggle to a Healthy Relationship with Money at Cindy Lybbert’s Healing the Wounds micro summit.

De La Fit Podcast
Rich was interviewed by De La Fit Podcast on the topic of “How To Foresee and Manage Extreme Events”. SunMoon Bey finds his own confident self as he examines his own beliefs. Click here to listen.

The Tracy O Show
Rich is on the Tracy O Show talking about Conversations with Money. Tracy is brave enough to step into a “hotseat” session to help understand her hidden relationship to money. You can hear the podcast here.

Women on IT, Beata Young
A fun video podcast on a range of topics around women and success. Go here to watch on Youtube.

Cam Hawkins – Live coaching session
This is an example of how I use “hotseat” work to help uncover our deeper beliefs and behaviors of an active trader. Go here to watch the video.