Our Mission: Build a better world by publishing books that invite readers to reframe their world from struggles to opportunities by increasing the choices on life’s menu.

Our Core Value: Respect for the dignity and integrity of every individual, observing others boundaries, and live and let live with voluntary community support and development.

Our Precepts: The world is a complex adaptive system that is best served by civil and political structures that create stability and maximize individual rights. As humans, we need institutions and structures to feel safe and secure to allow us to plan for the future. These organizations and rules are best developed with time and testing with voluntary participation.

Our Books: We select the books that reframe our thinking and allow each of us to step into a more powerful and satisfying world as individuals, groups and organizations.

Book List

A Private Conversation with Money - Experience the 10 Keys to Financial Freedom

By Richard Friesen

Books In The Queue

Extreme Events - How to prepare your mind and save your life 

Healing the Political Divide - How your political brain can save the world 

Quick Quotes - Clarity, Concision, and Consequences in the best mindset quotes ever spoken 

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