Crypto Wealth: Private Trader Coaching

Richard Friesen supports your transition to wealth as a result of cryptocurrency ownership.

“No aspiring trader has ever come to me and stated that they had a problem with being wealthy and successful. Only with trading success does this internal conflict sabotage their long term success. With cryptocurrency wealth, most beneficiaries will be stepping into new behaviors, beliefs and even new identities that are in conflict with a prior state of being. You probably won’t believe this, and I understand. Few people appreciate how this conflict can actually produce additional suffering.” Rich Friesen

Sudden wealth can create stress and conflict.

If you have an exposure to wealth through cryptocurrency appreciation, inheritance, lottery or other activity that is out of the norm, you may find yourself with new conflicts that have never appeared before. Our personal status around money and wealth is often a deep part of who we are, our beliefs about ourselves and the world and how we behave. This change in status can impact the very fabric of our family, friends and communities.

The impact of sudden wealth is a diverse as we are people. But as humans, our brains function in similar ways, creating common joys, pain and frustrations. One common process that my clients experience is the dream that money will fill a part of themselves that has produced pain and disappointment. This dynamic can lead to a series of decisions that don’t serve the newly wealthy nor their relationships.

I want to welcome you to a personal conversation about your dreams and desires. Engaging a private trading coach is a very personal choice. The private coaching relationship is also a personal relationship. Thus selecting a coach should also be like building any other relationship, building trust, one step at a time.

The first step to entering a coaching relationship is to have an easy, friendly conversation. Here we spend the time to learn more about each other. During this conversation, you will experience a mini coaching session to learn how we work together and experience the work for yourself. At the end of the no obligation, supportive conversation, you will:

  • Experience the process that we use in our coaching relationship
  • Determine if this experience will support expanding your beliefs and behaviors to serve you better.
  • See if our relationship is a fit for you at this time.

Personal coaching is the most customized and steady path to supporting your transition to managing your wealth. If you are committed to making the most out of the new power of wealth that you hold, we can help.

We can support your progress as you grow and develop.

Set a time to discuss here:

Rich Friesen CEO of Mind Muscles Academy
Richard Friesen

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