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The trading and investing craze
Online trading by new and younger traders and investors has exploded this year. This could not be predicted nor expected. Go here to read the latest blog post.

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2 Bulls in a China Shop Part II
2 Bulls in a China Shop favorite Richard Friesen returns to talk to the guys about their progress. Dan and Kyle share their shop rules and Richard elaborates on the psychology behind our common mistakes. Our guest shares some of the methodology of his Mind Muscles system and how it can help our trading behaviors as well as sharing more details about his upcoming book. Richard also goes into detail on the importance of implied volatility when trading options.
2 Bulls Podcast Bonus Episode: Richard Friesen pt. II

Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

* Stepping in the spot of the toughest guy. Growing is an uncomfortable process (6:33)
* Survival mechanism doesn’t care about happiness (12:45)
* We are unaware of most of our self-inflicted limitations (15:36)
* Happiness can only happen now and here (21:06)
* The importance of being mentally prepared for any future scenario (30:38)

Enterprize Zone Interview
Rich is interviewed by Callum Laing of for
Read the interview here.

Kirby Ingles Podcast
Rich and Kirby Ingles discuss money management psychology, personal transformation, and politics in Episode 072 of the TRUE Success podcast.
Listen to it here.

Off da Fence with Finch
Finch and Rich discuss our beliefs and subconscious programming about money and wealth. Rich offers tips on working with limitations.
Access this episode here.

CallumConnects Podcast
In five minutes, Rich illustrates with personal and professional stories how most of us work hard for success and at the same time are not prepared to own it.
Listen to it here.

Cameron Tousi Podcast
Use your “Mind Muscles” to not only survive but thrive in the uncertainties during the current economic and personal volatility and unknowns.
Watch Part 1 here.
Watch Part 2 here.

Brett Swarts
Brett and Rich discuss internal limits, wealth and value. How to create new behaviors that will serve us better. Our brain’s survival mechanisms will prevent us from stepping into a better future which prevents new behaviors that create and keep the wealth we want. Go here to watch.

Cindy Lybbert – Healing the Childhood Wounds
Cindy and Rich talk about a major shift from “Money” to “Certificates of Appreciation.
Click here to listen.

De La Fit Podcast
Rich was interviewed by De La Fit Podcast on the topic of “How To Foresee and Manage Extreme Events”. SunMoon Bey finds his own confident self as he examines his own beliefs. Click here to listen.

The Tracy O Show
Rich is on the Tracy O Show talking about Conversations with Money. Tracy is brave enough to step into a “hotseat” session to help understand her hidden relationship to money. You can Listen to the podcast here.

Women on IT, Beata Young
A fun video podcast on a range of topics around women and success. Go here to watch on Youtube.

Cam Hawkins – Live coaching session
This is an example of how I use “hotseat” work to help uncover our deeper beliefs and behaviors of an active trader. Go here to watch the video.