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Are you interested in entertaining new ways of viewing the world?

Rich’s Reframes invites you to join him in a creative conversation.

I must confess, I don’t always tell my clients what I really think. My job is to invite them to expand their clarity and self-awareness and be secure enough to accept what they discover. With that awareness and acceptance, they can then ask themselves… “What is my intention and how I can make it real?”

My own opinions, biases, ethics and values are not the issue. What matters is their own work in creating their own foundation for their unique life. Imposing my own story on my students and clients can muddy their own self-actualization.

As helpful as that is for my clients, I am missing my own expression. During the Covid lockdown, I had time to think and realize it is time to say what I think. As I took some notes, I realized that what I think is irreverent, politically incorrect and makes fun of some of our deepest cultural beliefs.

Then I recorded what I thought and put them on YouTube.

I was shocked by what came out of my mouth. When I watched the videos, I couldn’t believe what I said. Part of me wanted to delete the videos. But I took a deep breath and left them up.

I invite you to join me on “Rich’s Reframes” on YouTube. Join me only if you are curious about very different ways to frame issues and problems. If you are sensitive about your beliefs, this is not for you because I will eventually reframe them all. I welcome arguments, pushback, and advise.

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I have three “Playlists”:

  1. The first is straight re-frames where I look at a topic, thought or event from a non-conventional point of view.
  2. The second “Playlist” is my TiC (Tongue-in-Cheek) where I make up stuff that is entertaining and avoids saying what I really think…maybe.
  3. Finally, I have the “Dialogue with the Devil”. Here I have wormed my way into a series of Zoom meetings of the Devil’s henchmen and have gained the confidence of “Wormwood” a highly placed Devil’s assistant.

Enjoy them all on the Rich’s Reframes video channel.

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