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Rich Friesen and Jeffrey Feldberg discuss Wealth Strategies on the Deep Wealth Podcast

By Rich Friesen

March 20, 2024

Building wealth, Deep Wealth Podcast, money mindset, wealth creation, wealth psychology

Episode 318 of the Deep Wealth Podcast features host Jeffrey Feldberg discussing the deep connections between mindset and wealth creation with Richard Friesen, founder of the Mind Muscles Academy. Visit The Deep Wealth Podcast here.

Richard shares his personal journey from working on the trading floors to developing a software company sold to Hewlett Packard, and how overcoming internal limitations was key to his success. The discussion delves into the impact of early experiences on wealth mindset, the importance of understanding the value one brings to the world, and practical strategies for dismantling financial self-sabotage.

Employing the techniques like role-playing and guided visualizations, Richard demonstrates how redefining one’s relationship with money can lead to both financial freedom and personal fulfillment.

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