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LEELOO Trading 2024 Clear Minds for Trading Serious: Episode 1 with Rich Friesen

By Rich Friesen

January 25, 2024

Clear Minds for Trading, Leeloo Trading, Master Trader Mindset, Richard Friesen, trader mindset, trading psychology

As part of the 2024 CLEAR MINDS FOR TRADING series with Chris of LEELOO Trading, I am going to be teaching a 5 episode set on trading psychology and trader mindset.

The first in the series is called Persistent Trading Mistakes – how to stop repeating the same destructive and costly trading errors again and again. We dig into the bad habits traders can pick up which after a time become hard coded in our brains.

Without being aware of how these habits entrench themselves and without having a mechanism for dislodging them, it is hard to change our trading behaviors.

We will be posting each session into a dropdown on our LEELOO Trading page as it is published. You’ll be able to watch the episode right there or on the LEELOO Youtube channel, with plenty of opportunities for grabbing a special deal limited to this series, such as the Leeloo Bundles in the banner below:

Banner showing special offer for LEELOO traders

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